PearFiction Studios To Be Added To Velo’s RNG Portfolio

Velo Partners announced that PearFiction Studios is set to become the latest addition to its premium game studio RNG Foundry portfolio.

PearFiction Studios was founded in 2014 and aims to create “innovative games which combine a dazzling blend of story, humour, and fantastic art,” such as its slots titles Gustavo El Luchador and Outerspace Invaders.

After those launches, PearFiction Studios produced The Smashing Biscuit, an exclusive Microgaming released in 2019.

PearFiction Studios CEO Thierry Semoff has stated: “We are constantly aiming for creative and technical excellence, never settling for anything but the very best. We have a range of innovative game concepts in the works and RNG Foundry will not only enable us to build and distribute these games, but will also push us to reach new heights as a studio.”

PearFiction Studios draws inspiration from proven successful land-based casino games and finds new ways to present fun gameplay creatively to online slot players. The studio is working to create an experience journey for players with its portrait-first approach.

RNG programme director Mark McGinley added: “The creativity and imagination that PearFiction Studios pour into their games is plain to see from their past releases and is sure to resonate with slot fans of every demographic. They are a studio we hold in very high regard and one who I sincerely believe will be one to watch in 2020.”

As well as being incorporated into the RNG Foundry portfolio, 2020 is set to be an exciting year for the studio, with an estimated Q3 release for its ‘ Roaring Twenties ‘ Chicago Gold theme slot – the first in a line-up of future titles currently underway in the 2020 works.