Golden Race Expands African Presence Through Betway

Having signed a deal with Headsquare, the exclusive brand licensee for the Betway brand in Africa, Golden Race has expanded its presence in the African market.

As it stands, 80 percent of the tickets sold for virtual markets throughout Africa are processed by Golden Race where its virtual football leagues are particularly popular.

Martin Wachter, Golden Race CEO and Founder explained: “Betway is a world-class company in the online sports betting and casino industry with a huge presence in Europe. We are the market leader in Africa, so this is a win-win alliance to continue to grow in both markets.”

Head of Product at Betway Africa, Jason Kramer added: “Golden Race is a leading provider of Virtuals through Africa and understands the African landscape extremely well. Their presence in this continent is impressive and customers are familiar with their games content. This makes it easy to partner with Golden Race and we have full confidence in our relationship with them.”

At this week’s SBC Digital Summit, Wachter talked about expanding Golden Race’s international portfolio as part of a Virtual Sports Showcase.

He said “it’s good to have a foothold” on the US market, where he expects the popularity of virtual sports to expand over the next few years, and he announced plans for expansion in Latin America – including a major project in Colombia.