EPL CEO Insists Betting Shirt Sponsorships To Continue

The new chief executive of Premier League, Richard Masters, has insisted the league would oppose reforms that would prohibit betting companies from selling football shirts, as revealed by the Guardian.

Over the past few years, the relationship between sports organisations and the gambling industry has been a major topic of conversation, as a growing number of sports teams are penning sponsorship contracts with betting firms.

Masters stated in his interview to The Guardian: “We’re not sniffy or judgemental about gambling at all. As you know, sport and gambling have a long association.

“The Premier League doesn’t have partnerships with gambling companies, we don’t sell watching bet rights, but it’s up to our clubs whether they want to have their own gambling relationships. All of them do, and a number of them are on the shirt front.”

The 2005 Gambling Act is set to be revised by the government as agreed by the Conservative Party in its 2019 Party Manifesto, which will concentrate on updating the law to a more technology-oriented environment. Nonetheless, there may be the chance of tightening restrictions on football and betting, since it’s 19 years since the last major UK betting study.

With this in mind, Masters reinforced: “We’ll be welcome participants in that. I think this area does need stronger governance, particularly to protect the vulnerable. I don’t think the answer coming out at the end of it should be that football clubs shouldn’t have shirts sponsored by gambling companies, but we will certainly cooperate with the review.”