BMM Testlabs Release New White Paper On Compliance

A new white paper has been released by BMM Testlabs: “Compliance Committee: Caring How Business Is Done”.

The paper was written by Robin Bernhard, Advertising & Education Senior Manager. He has been researching, reporting, publishing and speaking on a number of topics in the industry. He recently spoke at the Las Vegas G2E 2019 and at the Roundtable of the BMM Testlabs Regulator.

In the introduction, the company says to present its new white paper, “The concept, perception and practice of compliance has evolved steadily over the past 50 years as the public, politicians, media and common sense demanded greater transparency, integrity and ethics in business,” the company says in the abstract to introduce its latest white paper.

“The passage of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in 1977 is just one of the more noted milestones as compliance has matured from legal cover, necessary evil and grudgingly checked box to something studied in college curriculums and given executive attention. Thankfully, compliance wasn’t left to fester in 1977,” the test lab adds.

BMM is a private independent gaming certification laboratory that has been providing the gaming industry since 1981 with professional technical and regulatory compliance services. At its heart, it is a system-expert organisation that over the past 38 years has been providing advice and research for many of the largest gaming networks and systems. However, for over two decades, BMM has successfully tested and approved the full range of Class III casino products. The first set of independent gaming standards was also authored in 1992 and the first set of online gaming standards in 2001.

Across 14 international locations, the company employs about 400 people and serves more than 460 jurisdictions. BMM’s international headquarters are headquartered in Las Vegas (USA), with offices in Moncton (Canada), Lima (Peru), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Barcelona (Spain), Vienna (Austria), Krakow (Poland), Bucharest (Romania), Midrand (South Africa), Melbourne and Sydney (Australia), Macau (SAR, China) and Singapore.