Paysafe Extends Payment Service For Sportech’s Bump 50:50

Paysafe has extended its omnichannel payment service for Sportech’s Bump 50:50, the interactive raffle solution that benefits sports and non-profit charity foundations.

When fans return to the stadiums, Bump’s 50:50 partners, which include the foundations of over 120 professional, college and non-profit organisations (numbering dozens of NFL , NBA, MLB and NHL teams), will allow them to buy raffle tickets from on-site sales staff using card tap-and-pay at Handpoint ‘s lightweight mobile POS terminals.

Transactions are performed seamlessly through the proprietary Bump 50:50 application that is installed on mobile tablets from in-stadium sellers. All Android and Apple iOS versions of the solution ‘s software support the contactless enhancement.

The omnichannel service from Paysafe also helps sports fans to win raffle prizes and raise funds for charities via the use of online platforms from Bump 50:50 at home or on-the-go using their own mobile devices, with all card-not-present transactions handled by Paysafe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has powered strong growth in contactless payments on the US market, according to Paysafe ‘s April 2020 report, with 59 percent of American customers now making an in-person purchase using an NFC-enabled card happier than they were a year earlier.

Carla Erlick, ISV Channel’s Senior Vice President at Paysafe, said: “Sportech’s Bump 50:50 has become one of our flagship independent software vendor (ISV) partners, truly showcasing our omnichannel payments offering. Further complementing our card-not-present payments relationship with Bump 50:50, we’re delighted to strengthen our card-present support for Bump 50:50’s partners to better meet the new North American reality of in-person transactions.”

David Kurland, president of Bump 50:50 at Sportech, commented: “Bump 50:50 is pleased to offer our partners contactless pay through our integration with Paysafe. This is one more example of Bump 50:50’s continuous pursuit of new technologies and platform enhancements designed to help our partners reach their fundraising goals. We are also mindful of the fact that contactless pay is especially critical at this time, as our partners are developing safety protocols that will help them return to in-person events.”