Partypoker Vows World-First Streamers Showdown In The Big Deal

Partypoker has vowed a “world-first streamers’ showdown,” as well-known faces from the poker and gaming worlds compete in The Big Deal.

The Big Deal, a freeroll tournament that will take place this weekend from 5pm GMT on Saturday 14 November, sees partypoker offer a $50,000 prize pool, for which players will be directly invited to participate.

Popular poker professionals, such as Jeff Gross, Jaime Staples, Matt Staples and Benjamin Rolle, will be playing in the tournament. Dota 2 players Troels ‘SyndereN’ Nielsen and Ted J Forsyth, who goes by the name of “Pyrion Flax,” are included in the list of esports streamers taking part.

Also taking part will be Jeffrey ‘SjoW’ Brusi, a former professional poker player who later became known for his prowess playing StarCraft II, and the strategy game streamer ‘Quill18.’

Vadim Soloveychik, Marketing Director for Partypoker, explained: “We are excited to host The Big Deal. This is a new format designed for Twitch, where streamers compete not only for the prize pool, but also for their audiences as a bounty. I am sure it will be fun to watch.”

All streamers will speak to viewers on their own platform through their plays, sponsored by the Beyond the Summit esports production company. The company will also be providing content during the tournament for partypokerTV.

All players must be knocked out three times before they leave the tournament, and their viewers will be ‘raided’ by whatever player knocks them out for the third time. Raids help streamers send their viewers at the end of their stream to another channel.

The final table will be broadcast live on partypokerTV, with commentary being provided by Maria Ho, one of the world’s top three female poker players, and poker streamer Joey Ingram. The commentators will be based in Los Angeles at the Beyond the Summit Studio.