Partypoker To Raise Money For Freelance Poker Dealers

With the imposed suspension of live tournament poker, many operators either cancelled their events or transferred them online, providing better guarantees and a complete schedule in many instances.

The latter is certainly true for the Irish Open 2020, which heads online from today after the Irish Open and partypoker who will host the festival reached a decision to bring poker players the oldest poker tournament in Europe online.

Partypoker has put together a whopping € 2.7 million overall guarantee with 22 events that feature activities like the Ladies Event, Main Event, and Mini Main Event. Buy-in of € 1,100 for the Main Event looks extremely reasonable given the guarantee of the event is an awesome million euros. There are four Day 1s beginning from Wednesday to Saturday, when Day 2 also takes place on Sunday, April 12, with the Irish Open final.

The formats also include the traditional no limit hold’em and NLH 6-Max, NLH 8-Max, Pot Limit Omaha 6-Max and PLO 8-Max, with something for all. The festival runs from Monday 6 April to Sunday 12 April, with the week of events expected to please players around the world who may not otherwise have been able to fly to the Emerald Isle.

Buy-in start from € 162 to € 5,200 which is the cost of playing the High Roller 8-Max event, with details and with schedule dates right here.

Behind live tours it is not just a difficult time for poker operators. The Coronavirus epidemic has had a huge effect on workers at businesses, with staff being forced to wait for furloughed periods of employment to be paid out by the Government just weeks after the initial outbreak. Governance. That’s just 80%, but the owner of Dusk Till Dawn and partypoker LIVE inspiration Rob Yong has already announced he’s going to take the hit and pay all employees.

On top of that, Yong has said that if £ 100,000 is raised, he would double donations to freelance LIVE partypoker dealers. .With a £ 100 donation from Joe Stapleton potentially causing tears of appreciation as well as laughter with others also donating

British high-roller legend Sam Trickett has donated $5,000 of his own money that won’t come as a shock to anyone, with ‘Tricky’ also contributing min-cash to the dealers in tournaments as a way of thanking them for their hard work. The $50,000 donation from Triton Poker will go a long way to ensuring that Rob Yong doubles down on the donations and makes it £ 200,000.

If you would like to help out you can donate right here ! Alternatively, if instead you would like to play a poker tournament, why not play the Dealers Grand Prix with your entry fee being part of the  donation.

Partypoker Irish Open Full schedule:

Event Event Name Format Guarantee Buy-In
1 Irish Open 6-Max NLHE € 100,000 €300+20
2 Deepstack NLHE € 30,000 €150+12
3 Deepstack PLO € 15,000 €150+12
4 Heads-Up Championship (Cap:256) NLHE € 40,000 €300+20
5 The Hendon Mob Championship NLHE € 50,000 €250+15
6 High Roller 8-Max NLHE € 500,000 €5,000+200
7 Main Event NLHE € 1,000,000 €1,000+100
8 High Roller 8-Max NLHE € 200,000 €2,000+100
9 Deepstack NLHE € 50,000 €150+12
10 Americas Cup NLHE € 30,000 €300+20
11 Ladies Event NLHE € 25,000 €250+15
12 Deepstack PLO € 20,000 €150+12
13 Mini Irish Open NLHE € 100,0000 €250+15
14 Deepstackn PLO € 15,000 €150+12
15 Deepstackn NLHE € 30,000 €150+12
16 JP Poker Masters NLHE € 200,000 €500+30
17 6-Max PLO € 50,000 €300+20
18 €25 Scalps Bounty NLHE € 50,000 €127+10+25
19 8-Max NLHE € 100,000 €1,000+50
20 8-Max PLO € 50,000 €1,000+50
21 Liam Flood Memorial 6-Max Turbo NLHE € 50,000 €250+15
22 Deepstack Turbo NLHE € 30,000 €150+12