PartnerMatrix Reveals Six Significant Red Flags For Affiliate Marketing Fraud

The CEO of PartnerMatrix, Levon Nikoghosyan, has revealed six of the most significant red flags for affiliate marketing fraud in online gaming, which is expected to reach $1.4 billion by 2020.

He advocated learning the major forms of activity that indicate a possible scam in a blog post for EveryMatrix, the affiliate marketing platform’s parent firm.

The first requirement is that at least one of the affiliate’s IPs corresponds to one of its players or sub affiliates. This could imply that your associate is using their personal account to earn commissions.

If the percentage of active players from a single affiliate is greater than 50 percent during the computation period, this is an indication of questionable behaviour.

Finally, if an affiliate promises to send traffic from a specific blog as part of your agreement, but the traffic comes from multiple sources, you should look into it.

Individuals with unusually short lifespan were Nikoghosyan’s fourth red flag, as he stated that these players could be bots visiting your site to do tasks and pay extra money to their producers.

A fifth red signal would be if the stake amount of a single wager is greater than X percent of the total bets: This is a critical situation in which Anti-Fraud intelligence should be used to spot anomalous behaviour, such as a disparity in bet amounts between affiliates and players.

The post’s sixth and last example was when the affiliate’s login IP didn’t match their country, which could indicate that the affiliate is trying to collect a commission by breaching the rules.

According to Nikoghosyan: “There are a lot of behaviours that need to be carefully monitored and checked. The good news though is that technology is catching up to fraudsters.

“The variety of affiliate marketing fraud schemes and mechanisms has naturally triggered some countermeasures. For instance, PartnerMatrix has developed the Anti-Fraud Intelligence tool to automatically stop any type of affiliate fraud on the spot. It acts so smoothly that your affiliate manager won’t even know about it until he receives the system’s notification.”

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