Part Of Encore Boston Poker Room Flooded After Leak

Part of an Encore Boston poker room was still shut on Saturday after a water leak the previous afternoon caused the community to evacuate.

All the games were up and running and there was plenty of space for other poker tables in the casino, while a small portion of the room remained closed.

Mobile phone footage shows water from the leak pouring down and people running away. Poker players said that when the waterfalls began, a tournament had just begun and gamblers in the packed room fled quickly.

“We sat down for poker and all of a sudden there was chaos, people running,” said poker player Nathan Abbott. “I looked up and water was coming from four or five different spots.”

The casino says the water leak was caused by a burst pipe.

“All of a sudden, like, it’s raining from the ceiling,” said poker player Nicole Straight. “I was like, ‘I better get my chips because who knows, chips are cash.’”

Straight said the Las Vegas Wynn Casino would have artistic flourishes inside, and she initially thought this might be a similar event.

“I said wait, this is actually water falling down here, this is not a water feature,” Straight joked.

Unaffected poker room areas reopened at 7:45 p.m. No other part of the building was compromised by the leak. The cause is still being investigated.