Parimatch Oraganises Inaugural Dota2 Parimatch League Season

Global betting provider Parimatch reiterated its contribution to sport after organising the Dota2 Parimatch League Season 1 together with ESforce Holding.

The tournament, which had a $75,000 prize pool, attracted more than 1,000 spectators to Moscow’s Yota Arena. This marked the first time a betting company had held a contest for their own esports.

Stepan Shulga, Parimatch’s head of sports said:“We managed to create a unique Russian-language league for players, which has become an excellent base for rivalry in the CIS region. I hope that our tournament has pleased the esports community and will further develop the Russian-speaking scene of Dota 2.”

The tournament broadcasts have accumulated more than 6 million views across its Twitch platform during the inaugural season of the competition, with the average number of viewers for the league reaching 36,000.

The Parimatch Leagues finals saw a number of CIS teams competing against each other, including Virtus. Pro, HellRaisers, Team Spirit and Jfshfh178, of which Virtus. Pro won the $40,000 award.

The CEO of Epic Esports Games, Maxim Maslov, added: “We saw a very impressive level of play in the first season. We are sure that the fans were entertained. We want to develop the Dota 2 community throughout the CIS, and League Parimatch helps us a lot in this.

“In addition, we strive to give talented players the opportunity to develop – and we believe in the next season we will see new future stars.”

With a prize pool of $100,000, Parimatch plans to continue supporting sports by confirming plans to develop its own sports league.

Shulga continued: “We are excited to announce the second season of Parimatch League, where the best teams from the CIS region will now fight for a $100,000 prize pool. It will be worth following.”