Parimatch Confirms New La Liga Coverage Partnership

Parimatch confirmed that it has won La Liga terms to become the official ‘CIS region betting partner’ of the highest professional football tier in Spain.

Parimatch confirms that its brand will be seen (where permitted) through 15 CIS state broadcasts of La Liga matchdays by agreeing terms on a two-year agreement.

Via the use of 3D carpets during live broadcasts, Parimatch ‘s logo will be displayed to CIS area viewers. In addition, Parimatch announces that it has won exclusive rights to be promoted during the away matches of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, the biggest football clubs in La Liga.

Parimatch CIS CEO Dmitriy Sergeev said: “This collaboration is strategically important for Parimatch and represents an opportunity for us to reach the loyal fanbase of one of the most popular football leagues in the world, whose players are some of the most iconic names in football today.

“This agreement will see our brand awareness increase not only in our key markets across the CIS, but also on a global level. LaLiga shares our commitment to the fan experience, so this partnership is a fantastic fit for us.”

Parimatch will retain first rights as La Liga’s first CIS betting partner to extend its sponsorship for a further one-year extension.

In its declaration, Parimatch claimed that the CIS countries of Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan, Latvia , Lithuania, Moldova , Russia, Tajikistan , Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan would be protected by its agreement.

Welcoming Parimatch as a new regional partner, the international business development director of La Liga, Oscar Mayo, stated: “Strong local partnerships are key to making deeper connections with our fans and growing our global presence.”

“In the CIS, our following has increased significantly in recent years creating an audience that is keen to get closer to our competition. Parimatch shares our ambition to create world-class entertainment and is an ideal partner with which to continue this growth across the region.”