Parimatch Africa Commits To FAST TRACK CRM Method

Parimatch Africa, one of Africa’s leading bookmakers, has reportedly become the latest operator to move to the FAST TRACK CRM (FT CRM) platform for real-time customer engagement.

The Tanzania-based company, which operates in partnership with the Pari Match group of companies, is rapidly becoming a leading sports betting operation on the second largest and second most populous continent in the world.

The operator is currently in charge of sports betting shops in Tanzania and plans to deploy additional sports betting shops in major cities across the East African country and other African countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Uganda and Rwanda.

FT CRM’s launch would help it succeed in the emerging market, and its enthusiastic player engagement campaign has meant it was on the lookout for a sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Choosing the only CRM software specifically created for iGaming, FAST TRACK CRM enables operators to use real-time data to synchronise every element of player engagement from one central system.

In an official press release, the chief executive of Parimatch Africa, Lasha Gogiberidze, said:

“We have big plans over the next few months. With Africa being the fastest-growing region for sports betting now is our moment to bring something new and exciting to this market.

“As part of our expansion plans, we know that we have to be able to engage with players in a way that others are not currently achieving in Africa, and FAST TRACK CRM is the tool we need to be able to do this.”

Built entirely on real-time data, the state-of – the-art tech platform achieves efficiency by identifying the most time-consuming tasks and eliminating unnecessary steps and finding better ways of working, including:

  • Work in a single system
  • Translations in just one click
  • Integrated for A/B test support
  • Quality Assurance Portal
  • Regulatory support that is built-in
  • Easy to duplicate and do Re-Runs

Simon Lidzén, chief executive of the Swedish iGaming software and service provider, who has high hopes for the very first collaboration of the manufacturer in the African market, also commented on the new partnership: “We are really eager to establish a successful partnership with Parimatch Africa in one of the most exciting and fast-growing markets in our industry. Our initial discussions have exposed some very interesting opportunities for engagement that are unique to the African market, and we are looking forward to working on a specialised solution for the team.”

FT CRM is used by industry leaders including Casumo, digital lottery website based in Malta, Multilotto, and many more.

At the 2019 EGR B2B Awards, FAST TRACK was recently named the Year’s Multi Channel Supplier.