Paradise City Facilities Closed Due To Covid-19 Case

Facilities at the Paradise City Casino Resort near South Korea’s Incheon International Airport – including its gaming venue – were shut down “temporarily” from yesterday to Thursday (September 3) after an employee tested Covid-19 positive.

The Paradise City’s foreign-only casino is expected to start operations at 6 am on Thursday, with the remaining facilities at the property reopening at 1 pm, according to a resort online note.

In 2017 Paradise City opened a hotel as well as a casino for foreigners only. Since then the complex has progressively added non-gaming facilities. It is a partnership between Paradise Co, a South Korean foreign-only casino operator, and Sega Sammy Holdings Inc, a Japanese entertainment conglomerate.

The promoter of the resort reported in Tuesday’s notice that a member of staff at one of the restaurants on the property had tested positive for Covid-19. It added that all staff members at the affected site had complied with South Korean authorities’ precautionary guidelines when operating, and had wear face masks.

Nonetheless, Paradise City agreed to “temporarily close all facilities” at the resort to prevent further spread of infection and, according to the notice, to enforce emergency disinfection measures.

Paradise City said: “During the closure period, we will closely cooperate with the relevant authorities regarding quarantine measures, in order to conduct a thorough disinfection of the entire property, including the [affected] business site. We will do our best to ensure that customers can return with confidence.”

Last week a spokesperson for Paradise Co said that the South Korean government had not ordered foreign-only casino operators to close their gaming facilities despite a recent increase in the country’s Covid-19 infections.

The promoter of Kangwon Land, South Korea’s only casino resort where nationals of the country are permitted to play, has once again temporarily closed its casino due to Covid-19, citing the fact that the country had switched to a level-two virus containment protocol, in the face of the recent increase in cases nationally.