Pamunkey India Announce Casino Plans In Virginia

Virginia state is known for its ancestral Pamunkey Indian Tribe settled in King William County and neighbouring Richmond. Since the English conquest the tribe used to live in the same place, following ancestor traditions. Tribe members have just announced that they are ready to work on a $350 million luxury hotel and casino in Richmond.

A brand-new resort at Ingram Avenue and Commerce Street, South Side, will be situated in a 36-acre warehouse and storage area, according to the proposal. The Pamunkey tribe has two choices–either purchasing a land made up of three parcels, or buying a 13-acre property on Walmsley Boulevard and Jef-ferson Davis Highway. The initial intention is to use the old department store location as a training area for casino staff that can later be turned into a grocery store or health care centre.

The casino project at Richmond is still under preparatory process. Virginia will pass legislation allowing the establishment of casinos in the state. Richmond residents will vote in the referendum to determine whether to allow casino activity, according to the legislative prescriptions. The group is optimistic about the result and the building plans.

Chief Robert Gray said: “The tribe is excited about our plans to transform a commercial area on South Side into a high-quality gaming centre to help secure our future and provide an economic boost for the city and its residents.”

The property in Richmond will include a 275-room, four-diamond hotel overlooking the James River and Downtown, allowing tourists to enjoy the stunning ambience. It will include not only the casino, but also a spa, pool, fitness centre, cosy restaurants, food court and a spacious car park. The resort would draw about 4 million tourists a year according to projections.

Tribal spokesman Jay Smith observed that casino would help tribe in acquiring financial means that would later be used for additional projects, such as University for Native Americans development, senior residential construction and similar community projects.

Whether the Richmond proposal will get a green light remains to be seen. City Mayor Levar M. Stoney claims that a 1.5 billion Coliseum replacement project would be needed at the resort. The Mayor believes that without the same, growth would not be feasible.

Press Secretary of Mayor Stoney, Jim Nolan, said: “The mayor is excited about the opportunity to bring a resort casino to Richmond. We’ll wait to see what happens in the General Assembly and what it means for the city.”