Paf Explains Additional Options For Employees

Even once the pandemic’s restrictions are lifted, gambling operator Paf has created guidelines that enable employees additional options to work remotely. Employees can also spend up to three months a year working in another country.

One of the three sustainability areas in which Paf has chosen to invest and grow is a sustainable workplace. Part of that investment is the introduction of various remote working options.

Remote working option

Christer Fahlstedt, CEO of Paf, explained: “Working remotely is a part of the future and something we want to offer our employees going forward. The important thing is not where an employee sits, but rather that the job is done well – and for that to happen it is important that you enjoy where you do your work.”

Employees who are able to work from home have the ability to choose how and where they work. They can continue to work full-time in the office, opt for a hybrid setup with part-time remote working, or work entirely from home under the new guidelines.

Finding the right balance

Deputy CEO and Chief Responsibility Officer Daniela Johansson said: “The balance between work, leisure and family time is incredibly important to each employee. We believe these new guidelines will provide our employees a better opportunity to find the right balance in their everyday life.”

Paf employees also have the option of working abroad for up to three months each year.

“We have many employees among our staff from other countries who now have the opportunity to work part of the time from their home country. We might also have some employees who would like to try out working from another country,” Daniela Johansson said.

“We are convinced that this possibility will be an attractive feature for Paf as an employer in the future, especially in the increasingly global labour market,” Johansson added.

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