Paddy Power Recasts Peter Crouch In New Normal Same Football Ad

Paddy Power has recast Peter Crouch to offer his crucial message that a ‘new normal means same old football’ following his ‘socially distanced title-party’ and March’s attempt to become a Cheltenham Festival jockey.

Paddy Power continues to work with ‘Crouchy’ to ease the nerves of Premier League fans ahead of a season of noticeable improvements and modifications away from the terraces.

Crouch tackled numerous aspects of the ‘new normal’ football from the comfort of his house, assisted by his wife Abbey Clancy, including fake crowd noise, social distance inside stadiums and ‘sanitised balls’.

Soothing nerves, Crouch, the former England striker-turned-podcaster, observed that as a result of fake crowd noise the ‘Emirates will never sound so good,’ although there could be a chance of penalties being given out to large groups – ‘and ‘Manchester United, of course.’

Michelle Spillane, marketing director for Paddy Power said: “Many things have changed in the new normal, but football remains the same old game that we love.

“We wanted to channel the excitement around the new season, while injecting a sense of optimism around the new elements of football – all while leaning on the light-hearted nature of fandom.

“Peter Crouch is the perfect frontman for this, embracing football as it is now, and giving a new season rallying cry as the Premier League returns fully this weekend.”