Paddy Power First Bookmaker To Launch Sitcom Series ‘The Mascot’

Keeping lockdown fans amused, Paddy Power has been the first bookmaker to introduce a comedy mini-sitcom show named ‘The Mascot,’ to be broadcast through its social media pages.

The four-part comedy produced by the Social Media team of Noel Slevin and Steven Fast of Paddy Power follows ‘Frank the Dinosaur,’ Basildon Athletic FC’s former disgraced mascot.

The Mascot was directed by celebrated comedy producer and actor David Schneider, best known for his award-winning work on “The Day Today” and “I’m Alan Partridge” hit shows.

This weekend, Paddy Power debuted The Mascot’s first episode, earning over ‘a million views in less than 48 hours.’ The second version was scheduled to Monday night.

The Mascot was filmed and created by That Lot last year, with the Princes Park stadium used by Dartford FC among its shooting locations.

Paddy Power’s Head of Content & Channels Jack Wilson said: “Anyone with even a passing interest in football will know that the real stars of the sport are the mascots – so we wanted to take fans behind the scenes to see what their life is like away from the pitch.

“Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible, so we just had to imagine what it might be like instead. We hope it gives our followers a smile, and an escape from the news updates for five minutes or so.”