Osaka Government Thanks JRA For Pandemic Funding

A letter of appreciation to the Japan Racing Association (JRA) for contributing JPY200 m ($1.9 m) to help combat COVID-19 has been submitted by the local government of Osaka prefecture. The funds are intended to assist medical staff and related employees who are helping Osaka cope with the pandemic. JRA has also supported the Japan Student Services Organization with JPY500 m ($4.7 m) and plans to contribute a total of JPY5bn ($47.4 m) to assist with COVID-19.

The money from the donation comes from the Takarazuka Kinen Race sales.

Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura shared his appreciation for the generous gift, according to Inside Asian Gaming. It was only made possible due to horse racing fans hosted by the Organization, he also noted. He was positive about the future as well, stating: “We must defeat COVID-19 and continue with social activities. I hope to take positive action and get back to the normal, lively Osaka.”

Sadao Yokota, director of JRA, shared similar ideas by saying that JRA exists in society and should contribute to its well-being.

And this is not the first time that JRA has contributed to assist in the relief efforts. The Association has previously assisted with the earthquake in Southern Hyogo Prefecture and contributed JPY5.9bn ($55.9 m). JPY5.4bn ($51.2 m) for the Tohoku earthquake was also given by the Association.