Oryx Signs CandleBets As Exclusive RGS Content Supplier

Oryx Gaming signed CandleBets as one of its exclusive suppliers of RGS content, commending the latter’s “revolutionary approach to traditional casino gaming.”

Headquartered in Australia and established in 2013 with the goal of combining the realms of casino gaming and digital day trading, CandleBets promises a “unique way” for players to use strategic modelling to forecast and make in-game predictions in real-time.

This is by turning conventional casino games into Japanese Candlestick charts and technological indicators that strive to allow customers to spot and bet on trends.

If forecasting high probability numbers in roulette or baccarat banking / player patterns, the technological research aims to allow players to analyse the game in hand with new methods and a different perspective.

Dr George Muchnicki, CEO at CandleBets noted: “We are proud to have developed the world’s first hybrid gaming platform that infuses the best concepts of forex trading and casino gaming to bring players a new level of gameplay, strategy and entertainment.

“By offering our content via the Oryx RGS we will be able to launch our games to a significant number of top operators around the globe and we are beyond excited to launch.”

Three games will initially be released on Oryx’s RGS website as part of the agreement in July 2020 and will be listed in a new category called ‘Trading Games.’ That include Roulette FX, Baccarat Wall and St Roulette Wall.

Oryx Gaming executive director Matevz Mazij said: “CandleBets is an innovative and unique games developer and we are thrilled to add them to our RGS and offer their exciting content exclusively to our operator partners.

“With its revolutionary tools that help the player better predict the game and make calculated betting decisions, CandleBets truly brings something new to the market that will attract a wide range of players.”