Oryx Hires Maxima Compliance For Complitech Boost

In a collaboration that will see the firm use its technical enforcement database Complitech, Oryx Gaming has hired the services of regulatory and technical compliance provider Maxima Compliance.

The agreement will see the use of Complitech by Oryx Gaming to drive its compliance feature, providing the provider with immediate access to all technical compliance criteria for nearly 30 regulated markets, as well as a powerful suite of gap analysis tools.

In addition, it is added that database consumers enter new regulated markets 60 percent faster on average than competition, saving significant costs along the way.

Oryx Gaming CEO Matevz Mazij stated: “In regulated markets, meeting technical compliance requirements faster and more efficiently is a significant competitive advantage for Oryx Gaming.

“This is why we are so excited to be using Complitech, a one-of-its-kind tool which is already helping us make more informed strategic decisions about future market entries.”

Complitech, which was introduced as the first technical enforcement database for the gaming industry earlier this year, lists over 10,000 specifications from over 30 regulated markets.

Antonio Zanghi, managing director for Maxima Compliance, added: “Oryx Gaming is not only one of the most innovative and fastest-growing suppliers around, but also a company which takes a modern approach to compliance.

“So, we are thrilled to see Oryx utilising Complitech to create additional efficiencies and cost-savings. We continue to build new features into Complitech, and will work closely with Oryx to ensure it delivers exactly what is required.”