Oryx Gaming Ups Gamification Through Bragg

Oryx Gaming aims to take gamification to a whole new level, as the business of the Bragg Gaming Group launches its new interaction platform for players.

The company claims that the platform consolidates a number of functionalities which work together to increase player engagement and the value of customer life.

It provides a range of tailored promotions, such as free spins, prizes, jackpots, leaderboards and tournaments; a multi-channel contact network that supports traditional campaign platforms such as SMS, email and social media; and a real-time campaign management system that allows operators to reach players on-site in real-time.

With the latter, operators will automatically trigger a reaction to the online activity of players and give tailor-made incentives based on their actions, which it is hoped will improve both interaction and experience.

The platform is powered by the recently launched Oryx data analytics platform which collects and processes real-time data from the Oryx igaming app, the Oryx Hub and the Oryx sportsbook, as well as external sources such as third-party account management systems for players.

Oryx Gaming CEO Matevz Mazij stated: “Knowing the player is not enough anymore. It also matters how the data is used. The Oryx player engagement platform puts data in the right form and makes it easy to use. It enables targeted and personalised marketing, adds a social note to the games and generally improves the player experience off-site and onsite.”