Oregon Sees Month-To-Month Gain For April

Oregon had a month-to-month gain in sports betting handle for the second month in a row.

According to data released Friday by the Oregon Lottery, the sports betting handle in May was $27.8 million, up 9.7 percent from April’s $25.3 million. Despite the higher throughput, state revenue fell 13.9 percent from $2.7 million in April to $2.4 million in May.

Following a record handle of $34.9 million in January, Oregon’s sports betting handle dropped to $29.6 million in February and $24.1 million in March before increasing in April and May.

Oregon’s Lottery Scoreboard mobile app does not enable collegiate sports betting. To gamble on college games, residents must visit to one of the state’s two tribal casinos.

Basketball most bet on sport

Basketball, like it was in April, was the most bet on sport in the state, with $16.1 million in wagers. Baseball ($4.6 million), soccer ($2.4 million), hockey ($1.5 million), and mixed martial arts ($750,194) rounded out the top five, which stayed unchanged from a month ago. Parlay bets brought in $6.7 million, up from $6.6 million in April.

The Portland Trail Blazers were ousted in the first round of the NBA playoffs by the Denver Nuggets on Thursday night, which was bad news for NBA bettors in Oregon.

The Oregon Lottery operates a single-source sports betting market in the state. In comparison to other jurisdictions with several operators in a competitive market, the state’s structure restricts residents’ alternatives.

House Bill 2127

There has been no progress on House Bill 2127 for the fourth month in a row. The bill would change Oregon’s sports betting landscape by establishing the Oregon Racing Commission as the state’s new sports betting authority. More operators would be attracted, and the state would be able to offer mobile and retail sports betting.

The bill was referred to the speaker’s desk after its first reading on Jan. 11. According to the state legislature’s website, the bill was eventually referred to the House Committee on General Government on Jan. 19, but no more action has been taken since then.

Oregon Sports Betting Revenue & Handle, May vs. April

ChangeUp 9.7%Down 13.9%
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