Optival Release Top Betting Apps Website

A data-first approach performance marketing company and comparison product specialist, Optival LTD has recently released a new edition of its Top Betting Apps (TBA) website, which focuses on betting applications and all aspects related to mobile betting.

The newly released version of the TBA site allows mobile users to experience a more improved UX, including faster speed, easier navigation and better monitoring of the bid.

Better pace helps Android and iOS app users to get more easily and conveniently up-to – date mobile betting details for those games.

Optival CEO Ron Weiner explained: “Optival aims to provide high quality comparison products, and we are very proud to continue meeting our objectives by delivering the value that our users will experience first-hand with TBA.”

As an additional component of fulfilling its TBA task, Optival recently signed a TBA sponsorship agreement with the UK National League’s Macclesfield Town Football Club to take part in the upcoming football season as a betting partner.

TBA, Weiner said, is delighted to participate in the Macclesfield Town Football Club’s proud tradition and looks forward to an exciting 2020/2021 season.

In 2017 Optival released the initial TBA version for the first time. The platform has since evolved and expanded its mission to become the honest and unbiased one-stop shop for users who want to learn about the top-rated UK mobile betting sites today and easily compare bookmakers to find the one that is better suited to their desired mobile betting experience.