Optimove Strengthens Real-Time Data Capabilities

Since confirming the purchase of Axonite, Optimove has announced yet another strengthening of its real-time data capabilities. The purchase completes the new database infrastructure for the firm, Optidata, and will provide access to its customer data platform in real time.

Through completing the purchase, Optimove emphasises that marketers worldwide would profit from real-time customer 360 data sync, allowing “highly adaptable” two-way continuous synchronisation, real-time self-optimising journeys, providing operators with the ability to create and sustain a “real-time state” for each player and external event-based triggers.

Pini Yakuel, Optimove’s CEO and founder said: “As relationship marketing evolves, marketers are looking to empower customers by providing them with contextually relevant, self-generated experiences.

“Adding Axonite’s ability to process tens of thousands of events each second to Optimove’s capabilities, will give marketers the tools to realise their vision of real-time customer-led journeys.”

Since 2015, Axonite has been developing its event streaming platform that enables interactions between systems and creates real-time workflow automations. The company’s software simplifies the process of designing, deploying and running real-time, large-scale, event-driven customer-centric business applications based on data streams of any kind.

Yuval Shefler, Axonite’s CEO added: “Having a framework that unifies events and cross-references them with historical data to build a continuously up-to-date single customer view, and push updates to other systems in real-time, is a key use case for the customer data platform of the future.

“Merging Optimove’s Relationship Marketing Hub with our event streaming framework will create a future-proof CDP, catering to the ever-growing list of real-time marketing needs, solving tomorrow’s problems, today.”

This acquisition comes as a result of a strong 2019, in which Optimove grew its North American business by 70% and doubled its APAC customers.