Optimove Launch Realtime Segmentation Capabilities

When paired with emerging next-generation IS-driven CRM journey orchestration technologies, Optimove’s new realtime segmentation capabilities provide brands with “unmatched” consumer insight, segmentation, and communication capacity.

The segmentation is driven by consumer attributes generated by a no-code user interface, designed to address the needs of agile market customers, and is said to be a “direct product” of Optimove’s acquisition and incorporation of Axonite’s realtime event streaming framework.

Shai Frank, VP of product at Optimove said: “Organisations looking to drive growth through their existing customers and effectively communicate with hundreds of segments need to be able to take into account their customers’ past, present, and future, so their communications are always relevant.

Most robust set of targeting capabilities in the market

“By blending Realtime, historical, and predictive segmentation, we provide CRM marketers with the most robust set of targeting capabilities in the market, further helping brands significantly increase their customers’ value.”

This package of skills seeks to open up a slew of new possibilities, including:

  •  Aligning CRM and compliance efforts – Gaming operators can create segments with predictive responsible gaming attributes such as ‘predicted player risk level,’ and a ‘monthly loss limit’ attribute that combines each day’s closing balance with the real time results of players’ activity. Optimove can then immediately migrate players who approach their self-set limits and are at risk of developing unhealthy behaviours from promotional campaigns, towards messages that focus on fomenting healthy behaviours.
  • Eliminating the risk of broken CRM journeys – Ecommerce brands can combine customer lifecycle attributes such as ‘churned,’ and predicted ones such as the ‘probability to reactivate,’ with a ‘days since last order’ attribute that updates with each new purchase. Optimove can then automatically remove customers who purchased from a daily campaign targeting churned customers with a high predicted probability to reactivate.
  • Orchestrating the optimal customer treatment – Retail brands can bring together customer attributes such as ‘favourite category,’ with predicted attributes such as ‘risk of churn,’ and a ‘total order amount’ attribute that consolidates the last known balance from batch processes with the real time purchase. Optimove can then autonomously determine the next-best-offer for each customer from a pool of available options for risk of churn customers, based on the combination of the above attributes.

Scaling CRM marketing

Pini Yakuel, CEO and founder of Optimove said: “In today’s world, effectively combining batch and real time data is key to scale CRM marketing and boost customer lifetime value.

“Optimove’s unwavering commitment to providing a next-gen technology that allows brands to intelligently scale their CRM Marketing is what led us to these new capabilities. 

“Segmentation based on the combination of historical, real-time, and predictive data is helping our customers break through the limits posed by single-faceted solutions, while firmly placing organisations on a path to reap the benefits of having the hundreds of segments that compose their AI-mapped CRM journeys.”