OneComply Signs Supply Deal With EDF Compliance

OneComply, a Vancouver-based compliance and licencing solution provider, has signed a new agreement to provide licencing consulting services to Boston-based EDF Compliance for new marketing affiliates entering the US sports betting and iGaming sector.

The explosion of regulated gaming in the United States has given intelligent and experienced affiliates from other jurisdictions an opportunity to justify their entry into the lucrative US market. Despite the fact that more than half of the US states have now passed legislation or other forms of sports betting authorisation, the regulatory and licencing requirements continue to rise.

Turnkey market entry services

Affiliates will benefit from EDF Compliance’s turnkey market entry services, which will help them navigate the various corporate, tax, and regulatory challenges, while OneComply’s licencing solutions will help them scale across many jurisdictions.

Eric Frank, EDF Compliance founder said: “EDF Compliance’s philosophy is success through teamwork. Leveraging deep market knowledge, contacts, and experience, EDF Compliance has designed a solution to help marketing affiliate partners succeed in today’s rapidly expanding gaming industry.

“Having OneComply as part of this process makes me confident that we can deliver an efficient, cost-effective offering for our clients.”

Licencing technology

EDF Compliance can efficiently manage a critical component of the affiliate licencing process by utilising OneComply’s licencing technology, giving marketers more freedom in their approach to market access.

Cameron Conn, CEO of OneComply said: “We are excited about the opportunity to expand OneComply’s licensing solution to the growing affiliate market in partnership with EDF Compliance.

“Combined with Eric’s vast knowledge of licensing and compliance, this will offer new market entrants a streamlined way to scale their business in the US. While the process for obtaining licenses can be daunting when entering the US market, it can be done with greater security and accuracy, which supports our clients and the licensing process.”

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