OneComply And GameCo Linkup In Licencing Solution Deal

With help from Las Vegas gaming manufacturer GameCo LLC, Vancouver corporate and personal licencing company OneComply Inc has announced the introduction of a new web based compliance and licencing solution.

The solution allows gambling and gambling-related companies to store their licencing data and documentation in secure cloud storage for ongoing regulation, regulatory enforcement and the immediate development of jurisdictional applications.

Cameron Conn, OneComply chief executive officer and co-founder, said: “While we fully support the need for extensive applications and background investigations, a modernisation of the process is urgently needed as companies look to maintain and grow their business efficiently.

“As a gaming executive, the amount of time spent not only with accountants and lawyers working on completing the documents but the time spent ensuring this information was consistent across applications and appropriately secured was an exhaustive drain of time and money that is better spent on running business operations.”

GameCo CEO Blaine Graboyes stated: “Our company was built on the foundation of innovation and we look forward to supporting this modern approach to compliance. As a licensed manufacturer, we are constantly balancing market demand for our products with the ability to meet regulatory scale. We believe OneComply would reduce time, money, and complexity while delivering to the highest common standard.”

Conn added: “We are very excited about the launch of the OneComply solution with GameCo. Support from companies like GameCo has been vital in ensuring the impactfulness of the product. We truly feel this will ease the ongoing stress companies face when meeting application and licensing requirements.”