OKTO Unites With GeWeTe For Improved CRT Cashless Payments

In order to improve cashless payment systems through Cash Redemption Terminals (CRT) globally, OKTO has united with GeWeTe.

What the deal means

As the cashless path becomes an increasingly popular priority for customers, the partnership will bring an increased emphasis on mobile payments and security.

Via the OKTO digital wallet, GeWeTe will also broaden its capabilities, elevating the way it helps users to embark on a cashless journey.

Simon Dorsen, Gaming Director at OKTO, stated: “Our partnership with GeWeTe is fully aligned with our mission to deliver a truly end-to-end cashless solution across the entire retail gaming ecosystem. Cash is increasingly relegated to the edge of the electronic grid, and we are moving from the cash-lite world to the cashless era.

“We are evolving from advancements like TiTO, that brought great efficiencies and less cash handling in venue for operators, to a complete cashless ecosystem with the OKTO.WALLET that meets the scan-and-go  users’ demand while meeting the gaming  operators’ quest for cashless solutions.”

Cash restrictions becoming necessary

The new agreement comes at a time when restricting cash use is becoming increasingly necessary, with the coronavirus pandemic continuing to be navigated by most of the world.

Through the seamless integration between the OKTO.WALLET and GeWeTe CRTs, current and new GeWeTe CRT operators can use end-to-end instant digital transactions within the venues.

GeWeTe’s CEO, Aristidis Tsikouras, added: “We are pleased to partner up with OKTO to improve cash handling in the gaming area, but also in the retail market. The collaboration will enrich the proposition for all our clients, bringing  more  convenience, safety and security through an advanced cashless payment service.”

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