Ohio Uni Officials Demand College Sports Excluded From Betting

While Ohio plans to regulate sport betting, Ohio universities are demanding that sports and athletics at universities be kept out of the extended rules.

Speaking to state radio, Ohio Inter-University Council President Bruce Johnson said state university officials want college sports excluded from sports betting.

“People who run athletics departments across the state feel very strongly that student-athletes don’t need to be confronted with the additional challenge of having gambling right down the street on their athletic events.”

Johnson also noted that legalizing sports bets can have a negative effect on students who are tempted and thus receive the fresh company of sports gaming.

Several states in the US have legalized and initiated reasonably restricted sports betting tournaments. However, even with the NCAA remaining firm on small league sports betting, most states that have legalized sports games enable betting on college-level tournaments.

Ohio’s sports gambling bill provides the Ohio Lottery Commission with the task of managing and regulating sports betting while working with the suggested Sports Gaming Advisory Board. The draft law proposes to operate on the advisory and recommendation of the Advisory Board by the Lottery Commission.

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