Officials In Peru Gather To Discuss Casino Reopening’s

Peruvian casino officials met with the president of the country’s congress, Mirtha Vásquez, to discuss a casino sector that has been closed since March despite having an operating protocol approved by national authorities.

According to RPP news outlet, Luis Valdez, congressmen from the Progress Party Alliance and Omar Chehade from the Alianza para el Congreso, Lennin Checco, spokesman for the Frente Amplio, and Claudia Cornejo, minister of foreign exchange and tourism, were featured at the meeting alongside Vásquez.

In addition, Cynthia Morante, Julie Medina and Celisa Díaz, along with the leaders of the General Confederation of Workers of Peru, represented the casino sector.

Morante explained that according to RPP, more than 85,000 casino employees were unable to work in the past nine months. She added that they were asking “for the facilities to reopen so that we can resume our jobs and be able to bring food to our tables”.


In addition, Cornejo and the congressional president ensured that they would seek a solution so that the casinos could resume their operations. They also said they would deal with the government in order to reach an arrangement that would allow them to alleviate the employees’ economic situation.

Casino workers marched to Congress last week to demand the reopening. Despite the fact that former President Manuel Merino had been requested by the National Chamber of Tourism to fix the issue and allow the operations, and having a protocol approved by Mincetur, the casinos are about to join without activity in the ninth month.

At present, more than 86k individuals are directly employed by the industry and another 26k indirectly. The state lost up to $42m in unpaid taxes in the first seven months of the pandemic.