Casino Payment Methods NZ

casino payment methods

There are often more pressing considerations for online casino site creators regarding personal information security than merely providing fantastic casino games for players to enjoy. To give an online casino player confidence, making the payment process as simple, straightforward, and trustworthy as possible is important.

If you’re new to the world of online casinos and want some friendly reassurance, our guide to casino payment options is just what you need.

An established payment method is prefered by all gamers, even the most experienced ones. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the finest online casinos based on the payment method they accept. As a result, no matter what payment option you use, we’re sure to have something that works for you.

It’s up to you whether or not you’d instead jump right in and pick one of our recommended casinos; if you’d instead take a closer look at each online casino payment option, we’ve got you covered there, too.

How We Rate Casino Payment Methods

An online casino accepts a wide range of deposit options. Before signing up for a new online casino, it’s a good idea to determine the house rules. When it comes to depositing money, it’s crucial to know which option is the most convenient and secure, not just the most convenient.

Newcomers to online gaming often worry about losing their money to scams. The fact that some newbies make so many mistakes makes this a genuine concern. Before signing up with any online casino, we’ve compiled a list of the most important payment options advice for you to consider.

Customers are discouraged from making online purchases because of the high level of security necessary. This is especially true in the online gambling business, which is renowned as a prime target for fraud. In the past, both casinos and players at online casinos have lost millions in fraudulent transactions. Being careful is a smart place to start.

A player’s first step in an online casino experience begins with selecting an appropriate deposit method. Using this choice is the safest bet, but it isn’t a general guideline that applies to everyone. Choose the method of payment that works best for you and your financial situation. Online casinos provide a dizzying array of choices, so it’s critical to do your homework before committing to one.

Different Types of Payment Methods

Real money casino players need to find a way to transfer money into their casino accounts to play. Since there are now so many payment alternatives available, most consumers can easily fill their UK casino accounts without any problem.

There are a variety of deposit options, some of which are more convenient and secure than others. In the end, it’s up to you which method of payment you want at an online casino. Credit cards, PayPal, and debit cards are the most often used payment methods. Also emerging in recent years are the Paysafe card and bitcoin casino payouts.

Processing times and speed don’t matter to everyone, but some people will pay a charge to deposit and withdraw funds rapidly.

It’s important, though, that clients are free to choose the choice that they are most comfortable with.

Quick Transfers

Probably the most important factor for most people is the transmission speed. Transferring your money can take a long time, sometimes days or weeks. Fast withdrawal casinos, on the other hand, necessitate lightning-fast processing. Convenience is a major factor for many payment providers, which is why many offer mobile apps for managing your money.

Debit & Credit Card

Using a debit card is the most common method of depositing money into an online casino. Moreover, the vast majority of persons in the UK and further abroad have at least one credit card that falls into this category, and it is also a safe way to finance your account at a casino.

When it comes to online purchases, many people prefer to use their credit or debit cards as a form of payment.

Online gambling using a credit card will be illegal in the United Kingdom as of April 2020, however, it is still legal in the United States and Canada.

Enter the long number across the front of your card to register it. You don’t have to worry about important personal information being compromised because the data is encrypted.

First-time depositors can return to the casino site and make subsequent deposits without re-entering their debit card information. The casino will keep track of your credit card information, but you’ll have to enter your security code each time you make a deposit. Gambling using a credit card has the same drawbacks.

VISA Credit Card

According to an assessment of the Visa Casino, consumers should only use Visa to fund their casino accounts. Although Visa is the most widely accepted method of payment, it isn’t the only one out there. Whatever method you select to deposit, remember that you must also use the same method to withdraw.

VISA Electron

There are a lot of online casino players who use Visa Electron cards to make deposits. It’s a risk-free way to play online casino games. Because the money leaves your account immediately when you use this payment method, you can’t make a deposit if the funds aren’t in your bank account.

This is a great way to keep track of your gambling spending, but if your casino account is hacked, the thief will be able to take money from your bank account.

You can also use a pre-paid card, which prevents you from spending more than the amount pre-loaded onto the card has authorised you.


As a result of the UK’s decision to prohibit credit card payments at online casinos, you will no longer be able to fund your account with a Mastercard Credit Card. To use the card, however, you will need to attach it to your account and use it like a credit card. To put it simply, credit cards provide you with the ability to incur debt, whereas debit cards only allow you to spend what’s in your account.


If you’re interested in learning more, check out our suggested list of Amex-friendly casinos.


MasterCard owns the Maestro debit card. As a result, you may quickly and conveniently finance your online casino account. Debit and pre-paid cards can be used for this, just like Visa Electron.

Ewallet & Pre-Paid Payment Methods

Wallets are just one of the numerous payment options available to gamblers who may not be familiar with them. PayPal is the most well-known, while Skrill and Neteller have built e-wallet services specifically for gamblers.


More and more people are using the world’s most popular online payment platform, PayPal, every day. You don’t have to register a debit card or memorise complicated security codes if you use PayPal at casinos to make deposits and withdrawals.

When you use PayPal, you may send money to anyone in the world regardless of whether you use a credit card, debit card, direct deposit, or wire transfer.


Paysafecard is protected by a 16-pin padlock, so you may gamble with confidence. Paysafecard is one of the safest ways to fund the casino account that you can find. However, a 16-digit payment code is required as part of the process.

Because of the casino’s money-back guarantee, there is no reason to worry about losing your money at an online casino.

Because of this alternate payment method, you can swiftly deposit your money without allowing unscrupulous online casinos to take possession of your money.


PaySafe, the company that owns and manages Skrill, is a well-known e-wallet. You load money onto your online account before visiting casinos and completing safe transactions, just as with other payment options.


Neteller is a fast and simple payment method that has gained a reputation for its speed. Online-only digital currencies like the premium Net+ card and an alternate deposit option for your prefered gambling site have made fast transactions dependable. You may learn more about how to use Neteller at online casinos and what you should know about it.


In recent years, a new form of online payment service has emerged. You can receive, send, and spend money with ecoPayz, a convenient service that allows you to do all these things through one safe transaction.

Bank Transfer

There is always the option of making a bank wire transfer, regardless of your payment method. If you experience any difficulties with your bank transfer, you should always contact your bank for assistance.

Depositing money into your casino account via bank wire is a more time-consuming method. But if you’re trying to get into online gambling and don’t have a credit card or other way of payment, it can be a godsend.

On the other hand, bank wire deposits are notoriously slow and come with a wide range of transfer limits.

Instant Bank Transfers

Assume that waiting to play your favourite casino games is something you despise. How can you deposit quickly if you don’t have a debit or credit card? As long as you have a mobile device, you can access your bank account at any time. A few minutes after you transfer the money from your bank account to the casino’s account, you’ll be able to play.

Paying By Phone

Another frequent means of payment is depositing via your mobile network operator. When you use Pay by Phone, you typically make an online deposit with your mobile network operator, and that money is then added to your monthly bill by the service providers. The process is largely automated, so you don’t have to spend time depositing cash and setting up recurring payments.


Mobile casino pay-by-phone techniques are being slowly rolled out by some operators, and they are a cutting-edge payment option. It is possible to deposit funds into your online casino account using your mobile phone with the help of Boku. Additionally, if the network agrees to the fee, you can make a payment using a mobile phone on this mobile payments platform.


Another financial service is Payforit. You can use your mobile phone to make a deposit at the casino. If you have a Pay As You Go account or a monthly phone bill, the money will go to those accounts.


You can also fund your casino account with Zimpler, an online payment service. Once you’ve entered your phone number into the casino website, you’ll be able to play. If you do this, you will be given an anonymous code that can be used to credit your account.

Alternative Casino Payment Methods

There is a good chance that alternatives to popular payment methods such as internet banking and debit cards will replace them in the future. Depositing money into an online casino account without disclosing your credit card information is already a thing of the past thanks to Google Pay.

Bitcoin Casino And Cryptocurrency

Even the most tech-savvy customers are baffled by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which are among the most extensively utilised digital currencies today. As a result, you may be able to get a bonus if you choose to finance your online gaming account with digital money.

BTC casinos have customers that prefer to keep their identities hidden when making deposits or withdrawals. Many currencies have been plagued by inflation, and betting with an electronic currency helps consumers to avoid it.


Customers are increasingly shifting money between online payment platforms. Transferring money from one currency to another might leave clients feeling bewildered and dissatisfied. You may open a bank account for nothing by using the Revolut service.

A Revolut payment account is required for customers who wish to make casino deposits and withdrawals. A growing number of casinos in the United Kingdom are embracing it as a legitimate way to play. Many people see this as a win-win situation because of how simple it is to manage funds.


At this point, the payment processing industry considers Klarna to be a big force. There are hundreds of thousands of clients throughout the world who use this service to make credit and debit card payments. This fintech start-up, a subsidiary of a Swedish banking institution, is considering expanding into the United States. While Klarna’s breakthrough into the game sector has long been talked about, it now appears that they are taking their intentions seriously.

Google Pay

Using the Google Pay app for online payments is simple if you’ve ever used Google products before. It is possible, however, to make a gambling deposit using Google Pay. Customers who own Android smartphones and have installed the Google Play store app are the greatest fit for this app. In addition to the convenience of rapid payment, customers who use Google Pay to make casino deposits or withdrawals are exempt from any costs, such as chargebacks.

Using Google Pay to make a deposit into your casino account necessitates the use of a bank card registered in your name. You can also use a debit card to withdraw money from your casino account quickly and easily.

Apple Pay

When it comes to paying for goods and services, Apple Pay is an amazing option. No credit cards or bank accounts are required, as it functions similarly to popular money transfer apps like Google Pay and Amazon Pay. As an added convenience, customers may make purchases without worrying about their credit card information being compromised by using Apple Pay on their iPhones.

With the iPhone, you don’t even need a credit card when you want to buy something because you can make secure payments without it. You can use your cell phone to securely and instantly pay for goods and services. You don’t have to worry about filling out online forms or searching for your credit card details because your smartphone is already linked to your bank or credit card company. This saves you time and effort.

Casino Deposit and Withdrawal Fees And Limits

We’ve compiled a list of the most important details to think about when selecting a casino payment method. Withdrawal requests can be processed considerably more quickly when utilising an e-wallet. You have to transfer money from e-wallet funds to your bank account, which means that you have additional step to influence conversion rates.

Options for Quick Casino Withdrawals

Instant casino withdrawal options are common at online casinos, allowing players to quickly retrieve their earnings. An excellent strategy for converting a potentially lucrative play into cash. But not all withdrawals are fast because the time it takes for funds to be paid back differs across cashiers and before the money is available in your bank account, you must wait for them to clear.

Online casinos’ funding options are a critical aspect of their service offering. Within 24 hours of making a withdrawal from an online casino, anyone who meets all of the casino’s requirements can reverse a transaction.

Casino Account Verification and KYC Procedure

When you initially sign up, you may be asked to provide some form of identification. Before you can play at an online casino, you’ll need to provide proof of your identity. Enter your driver’s licence information and a copy of your utility bill when you sign up for an account. In order to safeguard both the operator and the customer, the identification requirements are necessary. This ensures that only genuine players are playing in casinos and that customers are not allowing others to play with fake IDs.

It’s called KYC, or Know Your Customer, and it’s a typical name for the procedure. As long as an applicant has had previous gambling issues and a difficult betting history, casinos will accept them as a gambler. At first, it may be difficult to grasp the significance of what you’re saying. With a little support from the online casino’s employees, you’ll have an easier time getting your application approved.

The maximum amount you can deposit into your casino account can be seen on the casino’s website itself. With deposit restrictions, however, you have the ability to set a monthly or weekly cap. In this way, casino players and their casino betting accounts are given a sense of security and control over their financial transactions.

Playing As A High Roller

Due to their larger bankrolls than the average player, high rollers may feel the need to wager large sums. These high rollers can not only take advantage of a VIP programme at their prefered casino, but they can also take advantage of special payment benefits, making casino deposits and withdrawals more faster. It is also possible for high rollers to get their hands on special incentives and a VIP manager to help them move money between their accounts swiftly.

For those who enjoy playing high-stakes games, it is best to stay away from payment methods that only move a tiny sum of money. An alternative method for moving substantial sums of money is to do it with a debit card. There are less limits on ewallets for large stakes players, making them a good choice.

Methods of Making a Small Deposit at a Casino

It is possible to deposit as little as £5 in order to “test the waters” at an online casino. If you’re planning on making a tiny casino deposit, be aware that most welcome bonuses won’t apply to your account. Casinos that don’t demand any minimum deposit to trigger a bonus should be considered when signing up for an account. Free spins with no deposit requirements are available at several online casinos, so keep an eye out for them.

Safe and Legal Casino Banking’s sportsbook site reviews include a comprehensive list of recognised gambling sites, whether you’re looking to bet on sports, play poker, or go to the casino. It’s safe to say that all sportsbooks and casinos included on the site have been certified by regulated gaming operators, and reputable brands provide their services.

Regardless of the payment method you select when starting an account, it assures that all payments will be made securely and without risk of payment fraud. The same casino withdrawal method must be used to ensure that clients’ financial stability is not threatened by high-risk payments.

Casinos recommend that players utilise the same method of deposit and withdrawal to prevent money laundering. So that no money laundering takes place and funds can be obtained from an outside source is the reason behind this.

Selecting a Country

If you live in a different country, you’ll have access to a wide range of deposit options. PayPal has overtaken ewallet services like Neteller and Skrill to become the most popular form of online payment.

Deposit methods at US casinos are vastly different. Some payment options are only available to US players, including Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal.

When it comes to making a deposit at an online casino, Canadians have a wide range of possibilities. It’s easy to find a deposit and withdrawal method that works for you because there are more than 50 possibilities.