Nuvei Joins AGA For US Expansion

Nuvei, a global payments technology company, has entered the American Gaming Association, with Neil Erlick, the company’s chief corporate development officer, expected to serve on the board of directors.

The step, according to the company, would enable it to expand its offerings further into the US igaming market while also ensuring that business collaborators are kept up to date with technical advancements.

Erlick will have insights into the industry’s work on promoting payment modernisation opportunities in gaming as a result of his election to the AGA board of directors.

In addition to sitting on the commission, Nuvei will serve in AGA task groups, the most important of which is the payments modernisation working group.

Expannsion in the US igaming market

Philip Fayer, Nuvei’s chairman and CEO said: “We are excited to collaborate with the AGA and are confident that our participation will further expand our growth in the US igaming market. Playing an active role in ensuring that industry collaborators are up to speed with technological advances is very important to us.

“As innovative leaders committed to the success of online gaming operators, we find it our responsibility to ensure regulatory bodies are fully aware of what payment tech is capable of in encouraging responsible wagers, fighting fraud, and equipping merchants and players alike with the necessary tools to ensure fast and secure transactions.”  

The American Gaming Association (AGA) estimated earlier this week that 47.4 million Americans would bet on March Madness this month, a comparable amount to those who said they will bet on the tournament in 2019.

The prediction is based on a nationwide sampling of 2,200 adults surveyed by Morning Consult on behalf of the Association, with a major change in how people expect to bet revealed.

Industry recovery from pandemic

Bill Miller, AGA’s president and CEO, expressing his delight at Nuvei’s arrival, said: “We are excited to welcome Nuvei and their industry expertise to the AGA family.

“The AGA is focused on helping the industry recover from the devastating impacts of COVID-19 on gaming. As an industry and an association, we are stronger when we’re working together. With the help of members like Nuvei, we can accelerate our recovery.”