NSoft Praise New Market Growth Aiding Q2 Performance

NSoft’s outstanding performance in Q2 2021 was aided by its growth into four new markets and fresh additions to its customer base.

Draan Planini, NSoft’s Chief Operating Officer, indicated that every part of the business was in “full swing” throughout the period, with the technology group maintaining significant levels of growth across all verticals.

When compared to Q1 2021, the number of shipping ‘Stark’ betting terminals increased by 25 percent, with the upgrading of the product line also assisting in increasing production capacity.

New markets for Stark

Planini elaborated: “Stark’s premium betting terminals found their way to two new markets, with one of them being Turkey via strategic partnership with DOKA BILISIM.

“Turkey is not just the new market for Stark, but for betting terminals in general. We are thrilled to be the first one ever to enter this market with excellent growth potential. 

“Talking in numbers, NSoft’s hardware unit Stark shipped 25 percent more terminals in Q2 2021 compared to the previous quarter. Further expansion of the production capacity required a new workforce, so Q2 2021 ended with 50 percent more employees. This period was also marked by the modernisation of the production line, which doubled the production capacity.”

Standout game

Keno, on the other hand, was praised as a standout game for the software software services segment, with “the most impressive growth in the number of tickets.”

This expansion, according to Planini, was fuelled by a slew of new partners across Latin America, as well as one African betting operator that expanded its relationship with NSoft from brick-and-mortar to web channel.

In addition to Keno’s increase, NSoft’s most popular gaming title during the quarter was Lucky Six, followed by Greyhound Races and Roulette.

“We continue to enrich our game portfolio with new exciting content. NSoft offers a great variety of games in the casino segment for our customers via third-party integration, thanks to partnerships with some of the best casino aggregators. 

“Nevertheless, the NSoft development team diligently works on new casino content, and we are looking forward to presenting it in the following period. By the third quarter-end, NSoft will offer a completely new in-house built Casino slot portfolio.”

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