Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dawn Casino Returns To Poker Card Club

Rob Yong, owner of Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dawn Casino, home to the UK’s largest poker card room, went to Twitter this week to show his followers that all live gaming tables had been removed from his venue.

The casino element was effectively removed from the venue by dispensing with roulette and blackjack tables, meaning Dusk Till Dawn, once again purely a poker-specific card club.

Speaking of the decision to remove the gaming tables on the social media platform, Yong explained that the vacant floor space would be replaced by a sports bar while indicating that the UK Gaming regulations involved too many “issues” for them to remain.

Paraphrasing his short vlog, Yong said: “We originally opened as a poker only venue and we never felt one hundred percent about having the live gaming in here.

“Analysis since the live gaming went in shows the cash games went down. So we are going with the strategy of keeping the money in the poker economy.

“I think overall this is going to be a popular decision and it will be good to have back a list of customers that we have lost through self-exclusion.”