Norway Calls For Rikstoto Race Monopoly To Be Reviewed

It is reported that the Norwegian government is evaluating whether Norsk Tipping’s gambling state monopoly will absorb Rikstoto’s horse-racing services, simplifying Norway’s gambling system.

The Ministry of Culture of Norway will conduct its study of Rikstoto in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, the department that has handled the race monopoly’s regulatory oversight to date.

The analysis will determine whether to extend the contract of Rikstoto beyond 2021 as the monopoly provider of Norwegian horse racing facilities like pari-mutuel systems and wagering arrangements for Øvrevoll Racecourse, the sole racetrack of Norway.

The Ministry of Culture’s upcoming review of Rikstoto sees the Norwegian government cancel its plans to introduce a controversial NK 27,000 (€ 2,700) per month loss limit, a provision supported by the Norwegian Lottery Association.

The clause was opposed by the broader racing community in Norway, with Knut Weum chief executive of Norway’s racing authority’ Det Norske Travelskap (DNT)’ saying that the sports would be’ bankrupt without big player wagers.’

Culture Minister Trine Skei Grande, heading Rikstoto’s review, said the department would be proactive in its monopoly review, balancing its exclusive rights model and striking the right balance between social responsibility and preserving Norwegian equestrian sport.