NODWIN Gaming Opens Up New South African Office

NODWIN Gaming, India’s largest sports company, has opened its new South African office. Nathaneal Slabbert was named by the company as its Head of Operations and Anthony Nell as its Head of Sales to spearhead the regional functions.

Akshat Rathee, Founder and MD of NODWIN Gaming, said: “South Africa is one of the biggest markets which we can go ahead and enter in and I believe it is a springboard to mainland Africa.

“It has traditional respect and love for gaming and sports equally. It’s a superb country for us to go ahead and introduce esports to and build NODWIN’s presence in the African continent. We look forward to working with the partners in the future and see where we can go.”

Sidharth Kedia, NODWIN CEO said: “With South Africa, we are pushing our geographical limits. The expansion is a gateway to not just South Africa but the whole of Africa.

“Regarding the development of esports in the region, the scenario right now looks a lot similar to what India was 5 years ago. The South African audience is a healthy mix of PC and console players alongside the massive mobile gaming populace.

“We have an opportunity to create a professional and organised ecosystem of esports in the country for the brands, players, and fans to benefit equally from. With Nate and Anthony being reputable faces in the community, we are more than ready to kick-start our multinational operations.”

“I’m very excited to have Antony and Nate on board for our South African expansion. We have big plans for the region and their experience with the local market will be key,” Merlin Wiedeking, Head of International Business at NODWIN Gaming, said.

Nathaneal is a semi-pro Counter-Strike professional with over 10 years of sportive industry experience. He was a member of such ventures as the ESL African Championship and spends a decent amount of time in front of the camera, in addition to his job behind the scenes. Since 2013 he casts and analyses sports.

“I am really excited to join the team at NODWIN. Sharing the same passion in esports with them I believe it is a definite win for the South African and African markets. It is the right recipe we need in the region, and it is super exciting times ahead for all that love esports and gaming,” Slabbert said.

Anthony is a prominent South African esports veteran who recently co-operated with the start-up of the Game TimeMedia production house and previously owned two big MGO’s. He has worked at rAge Expo 2019 on projects such as the Mega8 Seasonal Esports Competitions, the Evetech Champions League and the MSI Hero Cup.

Nell said: “It is an absolute honour to join the NODWIN team and to be a part of their ambitions on the African continent. South Africa has been largely ignored in terms of global esports expansion and NODWIN Gaming International’s goals for the region are the first steps in the right direction.”