NOC*NSF Joins Sportradar Integrity Services

The Netherlands Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation (NOC*NSF) has joined Sportradar Integrity Services’ growing list of sports authority clients.

Sportradar will use its experience gained over 15 years of tracking global betting markets for anomalies to help safeguard the reputation of over 1500 football, basketball, and darts competitions in the Netherlands over the next year as part of the current agreement.

‘Most complete picture’

Sportradar will provide the NOC*NSF with “the most complete picture” of well-established international betting markets on Dutch sporting events, in addition to its bet tracking services.

Sportradar Integrity Services’ Managing Director, Andreas Krannich said: “By signing this agreement, the NOC*NSF have shown their crucial proactivity in protecting sports competitions in the Netherlands from integrity risks such as match manipulation.

“Alongside bet monitoring of key sporting events in the Netherlands, our integrity experts will provide on-going support to NOC*NSF through the analysis of betting market trends and developments, and any risk factors we identify will be discussed in our regular reviews.”

Sportradar will also offer risk intelligence reports to the Dutch authorities, and will provide data-driven insights to help advise and shape policy decisions against reputation challenges and betting-related corruption.

Netherlands National Platform

The NOC*NSF will use Sportradar’s sports integrity and betting tracking services to fulfil its position as the Netherlands’ National Platform under the Macolin Convention initiative of the Council of Europe.

Gerard Dielessen, Chief Executive Officer at NOC*NSF said: “In order to work in line with the Macolin Convention, this pilot agreement with Sportradar Integrity Services is an essential project in understanding the betting exposure that is afforded to Dutch sport.

“Through ongoing bet monitoring of our domestic sports competitions, and analysis of the latest betting trends surrounding them we will have insights that will help inform what the most effective and efficient long-term strategy is to protect against integrity risks.”

Blueprint of sports betting

Krannich added: “This is the first project of its type within the structure of the Council of Europe’s Macolin Convention, and it should be viewed by other nations as a blueprint of what bet monitoring looks like at a national, multi-sport level.”

Sportradar has a number of betting ethics agreements across Europe, including the Swedish Football Association (SwFF), which it added to its client list last month.

Using its Fraud Detection System, the organisation will track over 2,000 professional football matches in the Scandinavian region.

A data deal with China’s CBA League football tournament solidified the company’s place in the burgeoning Chinese sports market outside of Europe.