NGCB Allows Wagers On 2020 Call of Duty League and WNBA Draft

The Nevada Gaming Control Board released an approval notice Thursday allowing sportsbooks to give wagers on the drafting of the 2020 Call of Duty League and the National Women’s Basketball Association. With this exemption, licenced bookmakers from the state are allowed to post and accept bets on matches of both events through the end of the year.

In compliance with the notice provided by the Control Board, licensees that offer the following types of wager on Call of Duty League: head-to-head, match winner and overall winner. On March 12, as reported by Esports Insider, the Call of Duty League revealed its plans to move to a fully online system following the coronavirus outbreak. Nevertheless, Nevada punters will see their first Call of Duty betting chance at the Chicago Huntsmen Home Series as early as next weekend.

Licensees who wish to provide moneylines for both competitions must first announce their intention to the Enforcement Division through a notice of terms and conditions. Prior to taking wagers, sportsbooks are expected to view official rules on the website of the event organiser or sanctioning body. Determining odds will be set at the bookmaker’s discretion, with guidelines regulating incoming wagers being made available publicly.

In-play betting options are prohibited under conditions specified by the Control Board, so approval of wagers must cease before the start of each match. In the case of WNBA draught, wagers involving a single player must cease 24 hours before the first round begins.

All reports must be based on an approved source that complies with the regulatory guidelines and audit procedures in Nevada. Additional markets which deviate from the three approved wager types would require separate application and Control Board approval.

Wagers on the 2020 League of European Masters of Legends were also approved by Nevada regulators on Wednesday. Call of Duty and WNBA draught will now be put alongside Counter-Strike on the betting menu: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, iRacing and Overwatch; all of which have been approved by Nevada regulators in the last few weeks.