NFL Legend Explains How Better Collective Produce Fun Products

With betting now becoming legal in the U.S., there are a multitude of gambling locations looking to affiliate with individual states in the nation to give customers their sites and applications. One is Better Collective, which claims to be a major developer of educational systems in the iGaming sector.

According to the company’s website, they produce products that hopefully are more fun, transparent and fair for the sport betting and gambling sectors.

The company has recently been looking to build their presence in the United States and one way for the Danish operation to do so has been to turn to an NFL legend to help promote what Better Collective has to offer.

Long-time NFL kicker Morten Andersen clarified that Better Collective is prepared to create their existence known in the United States at the Betting on Sport America Conference.

“Better Collective is one of the major players here. They are going to  do great in the US market I think that they have done their due diligence.”

According to Andersen, the thing that distinguishes Better Collective from other websites is that they want consumers to approach the site with the right attitude:

“They (Better Collective) are very focused on educating the gamer, the iGamer. Which I think is very important to empower the end-user to really help them understand that when they’re betting that it’s No. 1 for entertainment, but also with that there is a responsibility to gamble responsibly and to understand, just like drinking, that it is for entertainment, and you have to be willing to say at $200 I will quit and I’m willing to lose it. You can’t make this a living; it should be fun.”

As a sportsman who spent 25 years in the NFL, each and every week proving himself, Andersen knows the proof is in the pudding. Therefore, he encourages consumers to learn what the Better Collective is all about.