Netgame Becomes Latest Greenlogic Collaboration

The latest company to join Stakelogic’s Green logic partner network is Netgame Entertainment, celebrating a “incredible opportunity” to collaborate on a series of “special” slot games.

Netgame will produce titles in collaboration with Stakelogic in alignment with the programme and then distribute them to the 500+ operator and aggregator partners of the developer.

The former will develop the ideas, requirements, gameplay and properties of the game, while Stakelogic will deal with the more technical aspects of production and delivery, such as certification, translation, testing, distribution and integration. Games with Netgame listed as a co-creator will be released under the Stakelogic brand.

As for the partnership, Andrey Zhurilo, CEO of Netgame Entertainment, said: “The Greenlogic program provides us with an incredible opportunity to work with Stakelogic on a series of special slot games.

“Not only that, but we will be able to distribute our games to more operators than ever before, ensuring players in markets around the world can experience what we have to offer.

“As a smaller developer, getting in front of big-name operators is tough but by joining the Greenlogic program we will gain direct access to some of the biggest names in the industry.

“In the meantime, we look forward to collaborating with Stakelogic to turn our concepts and ideas into what we believe will be some of the most popular slots of the year when they hit lobbies in 2021.”

In order to provide smaller studios with a forum to showcase their talents and expertise and to give them greater access to operators and aggregators, Stakelogic created the Greenlogic programme.

In the footsteps of Spintec Gaming Technology, Hurricane Games, Touchstone Games, Jelly and Reflex Gaming, Netgame is the latest company to join Greenlogic in making the leap.

Stephan van den Oetelaar, CEO of Stakelogic said: “I am delighted to welcome Netgame Entertainment to our Greenlogic program and to collaborate on a series of games.

“Netgame Entertainment is one of the fastest growing developers in the sector and combining its creative talents and skills with our technical abilities is undoubtedly a winning formula.

“Of course, one of the biggest upsides to joining the Greenlogic program is that developers can access our incredible distribution network, with more than 500 operators and nine aggregators.

“This will ensure the games we create under this partnership enjoy the widest possible distribution among some of the biggest operators in markets around the world.”

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