Neptunes Kingdom (Playtech) Slot

Neptunes Kingdom slot is a classic game with a cool and refreshing aquatic theme to it and a retro appearance. Dive in and read our full review to learn more about this intriguing God of fresh water and his hidden treasures.

Slot game players are all explorers at heart and are not hesitant to take chances in order to win big on the reels. And what could be more thrilling and dangerous than journeying into the domain of the sea’s deity and attempting to steal his treasures?

Neptune’s Kingdom is a Playtech video slot game that enables players to do exactly that while transporting them back to the beginnings of slot games in a nostalgic setting. The result is simple, effective and highly profitable with a bit of luck on your side.

Please read our complete review of Neptune’s Kingdom to learn all the insider tips and tricks for getting the most out of the game and winning the biggest rewards possible.

About Neptunes Kingdom Slot Game

Neptune’s Kingdom is not a game that will entice gamers with bright graphics and bizarre movements. Rather than that, you’ll be treated to authentic retro slot games.

The background is composed entirely of waves that extend to the horizon, except for an occasional ship passing across the screen. Apart from the permanently displayed game logo and paytable, Neptune’s Kingdom lacks graphic detail.

The remainder of the screen is left blank to accommodate the reels and command bar. Add a few sound effects, such as waves crashing against the coast, and you have the kind of ideal, low-key cosmos that so many players adore.

Neptune’s Kingdom’s varied reel symbols symbolise the diversity of critters you could see on a beach vacation – except much more valuable this time. The red and white fish, the lobster, and the vibrant tropical fish are the most frequently used symbols. Their accompanying payouts are also fairly modest, which means that it will take several successful combinations in succession to accumulate a large jackpot; the Trident and the Mermaid round out the list of basic symbols with the highest payouts.

Compared to other slot games, Neptune’s Kingdom offers relatively low jackpots, meaning winning big will require a strong dose of luck – but true players are never frightened of a little difficulty. The Neptunes Kingdom is compatible with the majority of modern smartphones and tablets and desktop and laptop PCs. The game’s straightforward appearance and playability make it perfect for use on a mobile device.

How to Play Neptunes Kingdom Slot Online

As you may assume, Neptune’s Kingdom adheres to the typical, straightforward rules associated with retro slot games. To enter the game, simply follow the steps below:

  • Open an account with the online casino of your choice.
  • Under the slot games section, search for “Neptunes Kingdom” and then click to play.
  • Selecting “Banking” displays your current account balance.
  • Players can alter the quantity of coins staked on each line by pressing the “+/-” button and picking a coin size. A maximum wager of 100 coins is permitted.
  • After placing your wager, click the “Start” box to initiate the reels’ rotation. Additionally, an Autoplay mode is available. You do not have to manually stop the reels when you win a prize when you choose Autoplay.

Interactive Features      

While there are no Scatter or Wild symbols in this slot game, features such as autoplay are available.

  • Autoplay Feature: AutoPlay can be programmed to run for up to 100 spins at a time, with a number of parameters for when the run should terminate. When they reach a feature, they can commence an infinite run that will terminate when the feature is reached.

Game Symbols

One of the best things about the Neptunes Kingdom slot machine is its many symbols. These are symbols that can represent a wide range of different things. As you can see below, there are a number of different symbols and their related rewards:

  • Mermaid – £50 for 3 on a pay line, respectively
  • Trident – £40 for 3 on a pay line, respectively
  • Fish – £30 for 3 on a pay line, respectively
  • Lobster – £25 for 3 on a pay line, respectively
  • Piranha – £20 for 3 on a pay line, respectively

Bonus Features

The Neptunes Kingdom slot machine has a limited number of extra features. However, the following features listed below should keep gamers entertained and satisfied. They include the following:

  • Jackpot: The largest non-progressive jackpot available is 150 times your stake. It would help if you got three treasure chests to fall in a row to trigger this jackpot. This can be accomplished in five different ways:
  • Payline 1 is stacked with treasure chests and pays out 100 times your wager.
  • Payline 2 is stacked with treasure boxes and pays 110x your stake.
  • Payline 3 is stacked with treasure chests and pays 120x your wager.
  • Payline 4 is stacked with treasure boxes and pays 130x your stake.
  • Payline 5 is replete with treasure chests and offers a jackpot of 150x your bet.
  • Failing Features: Since Neptune’s Kingdom is a classic type slot machine, there are no features available – this means there are no wilds, scatters, free spins, or bonus rounds. Typically, Playtech includes a specific element in these traditional slots: any three ways to win. This means that a combination of three symbols will pay out – just like in Playtech’s Party Line slot game. Three champagne symbol combinations result in a win, but unfortunately, you must match three of a kind of a single symbol to win in this game.

What Symbol Triggers Neptunes Kingdom Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Neptune’s Kingdom slot lacks free spin mode.

Paylines and Stakes

The coin range is adjustable between 0.05 and 5.00. While this is a substantial coin range, the payouts on this game are geared for low rollers.

Neptunes Kingdom Slot Software

Playtech is a well-known software developer in the online gambling industry. When it started online, it was the first well-known brick-and-mortar casino in Europe, and its reputation has only risen since then. Over 250 titles in Playtech’s collection adhere to the industry’s most stringent design and gameplay requirements. Downloadable games are available, as are browser-based games. Playtech’s product range includes classic slot machines, video slot machines, and a sizable selection of progressive jackpot machines. Among their games are the following:

What is Neptunes Kingdom Slot Review RTP?

Neptune Kingdom slot has a 97.19% return to player (RTP).

Slot Volatility

Neptune Kingdom slot has a medium to a high degree of volatility.


Are you nostalgic for a simpler time? Then this is the game for you as it has feels that will appeal to those seeking a simple approach to online gambling. Novice players will love the more straightforward gameplay, while veterans will savour the classic experience. While low rollers will enjoy spinning the reels, high rollers will be disappointed by the low payouts and absence of bonus features.

This game has a return to player percentage of 97.19%, which is higher than usual and thus more suitable to low rollers looking for some fun and some decent wins on the reels. Neptune’s Kingdom is still a worthwhile game to play if only to experience a more informal and authentic game that adheres to the classic gameplay of slot machines from the past.

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