Neosurf’s Solid Account Management Ensures Market Growth

During the pandemic, Neosurf grew at a faster rate than the market expected, because to its concentrated “solid account management” strategy.

In the pursuit for brand loyalty, the popular payments network, which allows gamers and gamblers to pay online without using credit cards or giving personal information, has prioritised people over business.

It showed that in just six months, it grew by about 200 percent in Poland, and by over 150 percent in Sweden, despite the country’s severe online gambling laws.

Overall European growth

The additional growth was approximately 50 percent in the very competitive UK market, reflecting Neosurf’s overall growth picture across Europe.

Andrea McGeachin, Chief Commercial Officer, is confident in the results of the account management approach.

“Our solid account management strategy has four key strands to it,” she said. “Listening, convenience, engagement and relationships. 

“All are equally important in building a loyal brand following and retaining it. From the growth that we have seen and the response from our customer base, it is clear that the approach has paid massive dividends during lockdown.”

Customer satisfaction score

Building a client feedback system, as well as a team to address issues and reply to enquiries quickly, has helped Neosurf maintain a customer satisfaction score of more than 90 percent with distributors and partners, clearly defining the brand as one that is serious about client management.

Neosurf has been able to adjust to customer expectations for convenience thanks to the feedback channels. While Neosurf vouchers remained a popular method of payment for gamers and gamblers, increased awareness of the Myneosurf Account resulted in a 400 percent rise in registrations.

Myneosurf has been an extra boost to delivering the high customer satisfaction numbers by providing an easy way to ‘send and spend,’ along with a KYC process allowing greater deposits and a quick payout process connected to their gaming merchant of choice.

Cleaner wallet service

Neosurf has been able to provide a cleaner wallet service to the gaming industry through Myneosurf, ensuring that processes comply with regulations and that the user experience remains simple, with no involvement from affiliates required to eliminate the potential for bonus abuse in the gambling industry.

Ian Nicholson, Neosurf Business Development Director said: “We are really supporting the market with clean and easy account usage and not trying to overly confuse players with many different uses of a digital wallet.

“The ability for players with limited payment options to spend has had significant support, in terms of a clean and smart user experience, with improvements in conversion rates doubling as operators upgrade their APIs to access the platform.”

Participating with the esports sector

Neosurf has focused on participating with the esports sector as a component of the gaming ecosystem, rather than simply generating revenue from their service, since its start.

Neosurf’s recent initiative, in collaboration with Guinevere Capital, to establish League Circuit Oceania in Australia and New Zealand, to replace the Oceanic Pro League after Riot Games shut it down, is a prime example of the company living up to its brand promise of supporting the industry as a whole.

Relationships with major industry partners were mentioned earlier as the fourth driver of a successful account management approach.

As new partners, such as PayPoint, as well as processing partners like Nuvei and EmerchantPay, and current partners, such as EPay, join Neosurf, everyone gets a specific and customised engagement strategy established and handled by their assigned Neosurf account manager.

McGeachin said: “Complacency is not a word in the Neosurf vocabulary. Managing clients professionally at all levels, particularly during the disruption of the pandemic, is clearly working for us, and will remain core to our overall proposition.”

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