NCAA Propose Two Policy Principles For Discussion

The NCAA Division III Name, Image and Likeness Oversight Working Group proposed two policy principles to be discussed by the Boards of Directors and Presidents at their forthcoming summer meetings.

The first idea would encourage student-athletes to use their athlete status to promote their own product or service of work.

Examples of job products and services may include promoting private lessons, camps and clinics; monetizing social media platforms; paying for autographs; promoting artistic and/or academic endeavours; promoting their own business; and promoting other labour products or services in general.

Schools should only be able to promote name , image, and similarity opportunities for student-athletes in the same way they usually support such opportunities for their students.

The second principle will encourage student-athletes to use their status as athletes to support third-party goods or services, ensuring that there is no institutional involvement in providing student-athletes with promotional opportunities (except to the degree that the school is involved in assisting students in general). Name, image and similarity opportunities would not be part of the recruitment process and compensation would not replace pay for play.

In April, in each branch, the Board of Governors approved amendments to the rules to require student-athletes to seek compensation for third-party endorsements related to and independent from athletics.

It also approved incentives for other resources for student-athletes, such as social media, companies they founded and personal appearances under the guiding principles originally established by the board in October. The goal is to have new legislation on name, picture and similarity adopted by each division at the NCAA Convention 2021 and then introduced for the academic year 2021-22.

The recommendations come on the heels of the June membership survey which gathered input from Division III presidents and chancellors, athletics directors, conference commissioners and the National Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Division III on the name, picture and similarity concepts.

Division III SAAC will study the results of the survey and the recommendations of the working group on Saturday and Sunday, followed by the Governing Council on Sunday through Tuesday, the Presidents Advisory Committee on Aug. 3 and the Presidents Council on August 5.