NBC Sports Philadelphia Back with 76ers Show To Inform Sports Bettors

The alternative sports betting 76ers coverage by NBC Sports Philadelphia came back this week with a 10-game schedule for the 2019-20 season. Host Marc Farzetta was back with sports betting expert Brad Feinberg, an analyst at the betting break at NBC Sports Philadelphia, and Fanatic Anthony Gargano at 97.5.

During the game, Farzetta, Feinberg and Gargano focused on betting odds and how these lines are affected by the game flow. Fresh, improved on-screen graphics with real-time sports betting information have been incorporated into the show, complementing the comment and interpretation of the hosts.

“These broadcasts are a fun way for fans to be more engaged with our games,” said Shawn Oleksiak, NBC Sports Philadelphia Vice President of Live Events. “From the casual sports bettor, to those just learning the basics, these game broadcasts will entertain as well as inform those interested in sports betting.”