NBA’s New Starting Line-up Rule All About Gambling


With the NBA front desk announcing a fresh policy that will force teams to openly disclose their starting lineups 30 minutes ahead of tip-off, sports bettors and fantasy players were dealt a small victory.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has been trying for many years to increase transparency, and although players were already obliged to divulge this data 10 minutes before the tip, this extra 20 minutes will make a distinction to bettors holding out before their wagers are locked.

The announcement was made with the commissioner’s plans to assist in combating tampering. Fresh from a tumultuous free agency era that saw many inked backdoor deals long before “formal” discussions could take place, most press outlets chose to concentrate on the fresh policies placed in place to avoid such interference.

The league has suggested a penalty of up to $10 million for clubs involved in tampering, but this will only have an effect. if the league decides to genuinely implement the laws fairly and honestly.

While needed, the limitations on tampering have less consequences for bettors and fantasy savants seeking the most up-to-date data before their choices are locked.

The time-frame adjustment vote solves more than a few problems by allowing teams, supporters and press members to prepare appropriately, while preserving the privacy concerning players’ safety.

Some discovered it difficult for players to create early adjustments to their starting rosters as a smart trick to confuse or frustrate rivals moments before the moment of the match.

But while league representatives are going to quote countless explanations for the modification, when questioned for their ideas on the fresh law, some managers were a little more direct, admitting it was all about the gambling.

With so few players truly seeing time on the field, a player mentioned as a game-time choice could readily swing the betting lines in either direction based on their status.

Betting lines are already subject to strong movements before tip-off, and this additional twenty minutes can create a distinction for those holding out for a main player’s status.

With most sports betting still taking place at an actual casinos, this also operates in favour of bettors coping with long lines, as big sportsbooks could see hundreds of keen gamblers rush to put a wager as a main roster shift is verified.

In their formal declaration, they went on to explain their motives behind the shift that was adopted among all 30 NBA ownership organisations through a unanimous vote.

“To increase transparency for teams, media and fans, the league will now require teams to submit their starting lineups 30 minutes prior to the game’s scheduled start time instead of the previous rule of 10 minutes.

“Teams will retain the ability to amend their starting lineups prior to the beginning of the game if circumstances change. This type of change is most likely to occur if a player sustains or re-aggravates an injury during pregame warm-ups.”



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