Nationale Loterij Signs Code Of Conduct With KNVB

A responsible gaming code of conduct has been signed by the Nationale Loterij with the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB).

The agreement is structured to ensure that an equitable, open and ethical relationship exists between football and sports betting.

It notes that customers, policy makers, football fans and civil society need to be able to trust that football and sports betting is done equally and with honesty.

It lays down three principles: that football players and spectators should be able to rely on the sporting nature of the game; that customers should be able to bet on the game in a healthy and responsible manner; and that the administration of matches and sports betting should be free of conflicts of interest.

The agreement coincides with the launch of the “Keep your peace, play consciously” responsible gambling campaign by Nederlandse Loterij.

The advertisement, run by its sports betting brand, Toto, is a collaboration with Nathan Rutjes, a mental coach and amateur footballer from the Netherlands.

The chief executive of Nederlandse Loterij, Niels Onkenhout, said: “The popularity of football and the growing attention for sports betting are the perfect time to make agreements with each other about those things that keep sports and sports betting fun and thus also how we can protect that together.

“Even if the market for online games of chance opens up in the Netherlands and the supply grows, much structural attention will be needed for responsible gaming.”

KNVB commercial director, Jean Paul Decossaux, said: “By signing the code of conduct, we are also taking up our social responsibility on this theme.

“The opening up of the market for online games of chance offers new opportunities for the football world, but we also have to keep a close eye on the risks.

“We believe it is important that the integrity of football is not compromised and that the sports experience is enhanced.

“We are very confident that together in this way we can pay extra attention to the risks, so that football fans can trust what they see on the field and consumers can bet safely.”

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, an igaming licencing department has been formed by the national regulator to respond to licence applications when the country’s new regulated market opens next year.