Nagasaki and Osaka Continue Attempts To Become Official IR Japan Candidates

The Integrated Resort of Japan has been planned for some time, but has faced many delays in the previous months. The country is still looking to push the project through new casino venues which will see three local cities become richer. The present state of affairs is in favour of Nagasaki and Osaka who have already lodged their project applications.

Nagasaki and Osaka both are determined to continue their efforts to become an official IR Japan candidate.

Nagasaki has already announced that it will not be able to tolerate any further delay. Local representatives began with the Request for Proposals process and articulated a new basic model for the Kyushu-Nagasaki IR. Despite the pandemic, the virtual meetings were organised which allowed all candidates to learn more about priorities and clarify their operational preparedness.

On this occasion, Masahiko Kunihiro, a representative of IR planning department said: “Nagasaki Governor Hodo Nakamura last week stated that the current plan is to commence with the RFP process in the summer and decide on the IR partner in the winter of this year. Considering the current national schedule, the prefecture and IR partner will then spend several months creating an IR Implementation Plan to submit to the central government.”

On the other hand, Osaka has delayed the RFP initiative ‘s completion, while waiting to see the government’s reactions to its specific strategy.

Osaka Mayor, Ichiro Matsui said: “The desire of operators to expand to Osaka remains the same, but we have not been able to make progress due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”This will almost certainly guarantee that it won’t be possible for Osaka to see an IR in 2026 or ’27, with ’28 or ’29 becoming more realistic targets as time marches on.”

Matsui added: Speaking on the imminent launch: “We will consider what must be reviewed upon negotiation with the operator.”