UKGC Holds Experts And Execs Meeting On Safer Gambling

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) held a two-day conference between industry executives and technology experts, seeking progress on creating a ‘single industry-wide solution’ that reduces gambling harms.

Forming a’ single customer view’ of UK gambling has previously been described as a major strategic objective in UKGC’s current’ National Strategy’ controlling the UK’s incumbents.

During the UKGC’s Birmingham meeting, more than 100 development experts exchanging information and perspectives on how to’ unpick the challenges’ faced by the Commission directive, were seen.

The development project was sponsored by the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), with additional representation from the Office of Information Commissioners providing information on individual rights and addressing privacy issues.

The UKGC has outlined in 2020 that it aims to raise standards and awareness of stakeholders in areas related to ethical game design, the use of advertising technologies, and high-value consumer opportunities.

Gambling Commission chief executive Neil McArthur said: “We recognise that keeping a customer safe where operators currently only have a partial view of a customer’s behaviour is a challenge. That is why we are bringing together experts from outside and within the gambling industry to explore how technology could create a single customer view, as it has the potential to significantly improve customer protection.”

“Using technology to facilitate a single view of consumer activity is one of a range of actions we are pursuing to make gambling safer”.

Dr Bill Moyes, Chairman of McArthur and UKGC, defended the Commission’s’ National Strategy’ and mutual mechanisms this week to a House of Lords Select Committee review of evidence on UK gambling.

McArthur, chairman of the UKGC, emphasised that the National Strategy has been effective in improving business attitudes and ‘mindsets at a boardroom level’ in resolving gambling problems.