Multilot To Use Agillic For Customer Personalisation

Multilot, a global SaaS game technology provider, will use Agillic, a leading Danish omnichannel marketing tech firm, to help create long-lasting customer relationships through automatic and personalised contact over the customer lifecycle.

Turn-key gaming platform

As a service, Multilot provides a completely compatible turn-key gaming platform (SaaS). In behalf of humanitarian organisations, clubs, media outlets, and business partners, they run tournaments, bingo, lotteries, raffles, and other games of chance. Multilot can handle the whole supply chain, including assisting with national gaming licence applications, game production, ensuring legal and regulatory enforcement, customer service, accounting, and reporting to the authorities. Furthermore, the firm is in charge of direct contact with customers. Agillic was chosen by Multilot for this reason.

Personalised communication

Multilot CEO Petter Danbolt says: “Gaming is entertainment and fun, hopes and dreams. When we provide a smooth and good customer experience to the end-users on behalf of our clients, we fulfil a human need, making it more likely that they will keep coming back for a positive experience. That is our business case – and that’s why Agillic is relevant to us. We believe personalised communication is vital in creating a good customer experience. Activating our content through the Agillic platform will help us attract new players and help us retain them through positive experiences.”

Platform built on a brilliant concept

Emre Gürsoy, CEO of Agillic said: “We are delighted that Multilot has chosen Agillic, and we are looking forward to supporting them in providing superior customer experiences and growing their business through personalised communication. Their platform is built on a brilliant concept. It enables brands and organisations to tap into gamification benefits without any hassle, and it meets a trend where gamification is on the rise, enabling new ways for brands to engage and interact with consumers. Combining gaming with the delivery of personalised communication, Multilot has a strong value proposition.”

NexusOne, Agillic’s strategic partner, is an implementation partner that is creating the models and contact flows, among other items.

NexusOne CEO Villy Gravengaard said: “It is a fascinating project where we are building everything from scratch: templates, automation rules, communication flows and content. Multilot operates a radio broadcasted bingo in various radio channels. Setting up the communication rules and tying backend operations together with personalised customer communication is quite sophisticated, and we are looking forward to pressing play when everything is ready.”