Most Mainland Chinese Will Shun Macau During May Holiday

Chinese consumers in the Mainland don’t seem to be keen on seeking to fly to Macau during the upcoming Labour Day vacation break focused on May 1st. Everyone seems to be postponing their travel plans and moving them through the next 12 months or later, a survey conducted by a banking industry research unit Morgan Stanley reported.

Travel restrictions have been in place in Macau, mainland China and around the world in the midst of the latest outbreak of coronavirus and its related Covid-19 infection, which has developed to a pandemic stage. The neighbouring province of Macau, Guangdong, which is normally a major tourist source for the region, reportedly insists that even its own citizens will have to endure a 14-day quarantine if they return from Macau, and there is reportedly no clarification as to when either that measure or other restrictions will end.

Data from the Public Security Police of Macau, the agency responsible for border traffic control, showed that less than 300 tourists reached the city on some days last week.

Since 11 March AlphaWise has conducted weekly market surveys among Chinese consumers across the 19 provinces of the mainland. They plan to gauge the speed of the country’s economic recovery from the novel pandemic coronavirus. AlphaWise describes the survey sample group – people aged 18 to 49 who live in any of China’s tier 1 to 4 cities – as reflecting the “urban,” “more affluent” and “active Internet consumers” relative to the country’s overall population.

According to the new AlphaWise survey published on Monday, of 2,038 respondents surveyed last week, only 7 percent intend to seek to travel next month to Macau during the Labour Day holiday season. As the date for this year’s Labour Day break, China’s State Council has scheduled May 1st, a Friday, to May 5th, a Tuesday.

In total, 44 percent of respondents from the AlphaWise survey suggested that they had no intention to seek to fly to Macau. About 23 percent will only fly to Macau during or within the next 12 months. Over the next six months, less than 20 percent of respondents indicated any plan to fly to Macau.